Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hark, the herald

Hilariously crabby British Web log post about carol singing.

These British!

They would not last two seconds on our side of the pond.

Imagine, griping because a group of carolers is at your door singing "Silent Night." Here in Buffalo all we get is canned Christmas pop because anything else is considered politically incorrect. We are allowed "Feliz Navidad" because that is in Spanish and anything in Spanish is allowed. But it is this annoying song. At least the arrangement you always hear is annoying.

Another thing, try to organize a group of carolers. Just try. Every once in a while I think about it, because in my North Buffalo neighborhood you actually do see carolers, once in a while. But I usually think about it in July, when I do not have to consider the logistics.

The thing is, you would have to write out every verse and print it out so everyone gets a copy. Because I do not think most people can get through even the first verse of most Christmas songs. You would think they would be able to get through one verse of "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" but trust me, they can not!

Someone in the Wall Street Journal worried years ago that America is letting go of its wide popular knowledge of, say, campfire songs and Stephen Foster songs. I think it is true of Christmas carols too. This is certainly a trend to track.

So I marvel at these Brits, sighing because the carolers who come to their door do not sing "Jesus Christ The Apple Tree."

Poor babies.


  1. The Brit blogger can afford to be a bit uppity--he gets very good music every Lord's Day at St. Bride's on Fleet Street. If his choir came to my house singing Howells' "Here is the little door", I'd lift up the latch pretty quickly.

  2. When we were about 10, me my sister and my best friend were paid by at least three people NOT to sing when we went caroling one day.