Thursday, September 10, 2009

Playing favorites

There is this list of Top 100 Classical Pieces that came out in the Telegraph that people have been Twittering about.

I love all those Mozart operas at the top of the list! It seems to me terrible that so many people go through life without knowing a bit of Mozart opera. As long as you read Shakespeare in school you should listen to Mozart opera too.

When I saw "Cosi fan Tutte" at the Canadian Opera Company I will never forget how it felt as if the floor had dropped out from under me.

That is one strange opera!

On the other hand I do not know if Rossini's "Cinderella" should be on anyone's must-hear list. And there it is on this list, at No. 5! It has Cecilia Bartoli but still. I am not saying Rossini is not extremely good. But if you died without hearing him that would not make me say you had not lived.

Under "Concerto," I do not agree that Solomon's Mozart remains unsurpassed. That is a heck of a statement to make, you know?

My friend Trevor Pinnock's "Messiah" made it in. Remember when I met Trevor Pinnock at the Hyatt? Ahahahahahaaa. That is a picture up above of Trevor Pinnock at the harpsichord.

Hmmmm. There is this Rossini on the list again, with a Mass. The writer of this list is in bed with Rossini! Again I do not know if I would give Rossini this priority.

As a whole the list looks biased in favor of British musicians but this is the Telegraph talking.

Wow, my morning was on track before I wandered into this list. Now look at me.

Love these lists or hate them, they are sure fun to chew on.

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