Saturday, April 4, 2009

The last QRS piano roll

Howard shot this video of our friend Michael T. Jones recording what will probably prove to be the last piano roll ever made at QRS Piano Rolls. QRS is practically down the street from us here in Buffalo. We toured the place in its last days along with Buffalo lounge legend Jackie Jocko. The place was crammed with ancient equipment. Fascinating.

It's partly because we took that tour that we doubt QRS' assertions that piano roll production will continue in Seneca, Pa. How in the world are they going to move that equipment? Even if they were motivated, it would be expensive, if not impossible. Plus, QRS has worked ahead and stockpiled three years' worth of inventory. They had been planning a five-year inventory, which shows they have been looking ahead to this move for a long time.

So we think yes, this is probably the last piano roll every made.

It's a good one, though! Michael T. Jones is a heck of a pianist. He goes by Michael T. Jones, by the way, because there was another great Buffalo jazz pianist here first named Mike Jones.

Great pianists grow on trees here in Buffalo!

I thought I would post this today because a blog called the Collaborative Piano Blog was reporting that the piano roll had been released. It seems like a good time to revisit this bit of Buffalo history.

Play it, Mike.

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  1. I'd say "bittersweet", except the only thing sweet about it was the playing. Why does my mind's eye see the Larkin Building coming down?