Monday, February 23, 2009

Brother blogger

Remember the pianist Stephen Hough? We write about him now and then. We like the British pianist Stephen Hough at this blog and at the Leonard Pennario blog. And he likes us, too! Anyway he was kind enough to peek in in the past.

Well, now Stephen Hough has begun blogging! Check out his blog here.

I like his blog because it is all about piano and also has big doses of Catholicism which, you know me, I eat up the way I eat up a big bucket o' wings at the Anchor Bar. Stephen Hough is more hard-core than we are in that direction. He is always quoting Chesterton and St. Augustine. And he takes potshots against atheists. This is amazing!

Not as much Latin as I or my good St. Paul's Cathedral friend Ward personally would like but then Stephen Hough has just gotten started. His first blog entry appears to have been on Christmas Eve. Give him time.

One nice thing about Stephen Hough's blog as that he is very good about answering people. If you comment on Stephen Hough's blog, the odds are good he will write you back.

That is a most wonderful thing in a famous pianist.

We celebrate by listening to Stephen Hough playing the slow movement of the Chopin F Minor Concerto, a piece that Pennario played incredibly and that Stephen Hough plays beautifully too.

We welcome him to Blog-O-Land.

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